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Sensory Adventures

Sensory Adventures

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Discover why thousands of people are absolutely loving it!

Experience a remarkable 52% improvement in crucial sensory response and keep your little one engaged for hours. This incredible product is 100% easy for little ones to operate, without any harmful screens involved!


A Captivating Solution to Beat Tablet Obsession!

Introducing Sensory Adventures, scientifically designed to target areas of a child's brain that may lack stimulation. Say goodbye to your toddler's tablet obsession as they become engrossed in this highly stimulating sensory book.


A Diverse Book for Endless Entertainment!

Toddlers are naturally drawn to this book, featuring over 15 captivating activities and tasks that will keep your child checking in for hours on end. From dinosaurs to daily life skills, it offers a diverse range of engaging content.

"It held his interest for a solid three hours! He gets bored of the tablet much quicker than that..."


Safe and User-Friendly for Little Hands, Giving You the Freedom You Deserve!

With its easy-to-use design, even small hands can operate it without any intervention required. Finally, you can free up some precious time for yourself!

Rest assured, all the removable pieces are reusable and completely non-toxic, ensuring the utmost safety for your little one. Let them play while you enjoy some well-deserved quiet time.

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Experience Instant Fun With Zero Waste and Endless Enjoyment.

Designed for laughter-filled afternoons, these water balloons offer the excitement of a water fight without any wastage. Prepare to be amazed at how effortlessly you can "reload" them – simply immerse in water, snap the magnetic halves together, and you're ready to jump back into the game! Envision the joy on your kids' faces as they hold Splasharoos in their hands, illuminating the moment with pure delight.

Fun that Saves Time and the Planet

We understand the value of your time as parents. Say goodbye to the tedious task of filling and tying numerous water balloons. With Splasharoos, you'll have more time to fully engage in your child's happiness or savor a peaceful moment while they enjoy themselves. It's a win-win situation for the entire family.

Unlike traditional water balloons that contribute to plastic waste, our reusable design tackles this issue head-on. Each Splasharoos water balloon represents a step towards a cleaner and more sustainable planet. Not only does it eliminate plastic debris, but it also imparts valuable lessons to kids about the importance of environmental stewardship in a fun and interactive manner.