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🐶🐱Never lose your kid's stuff with KiddieStamps!🐼🦉

Our stamp comes in four adorable and unique shapes - owl, cat, panda, and dog. Your child will be motivated to use it and imprint their name on all their clothes and belongings.


For every two KiddieStamps you purchase, you get a free ink refill included with your order. You must add the ink refill to your cart to use this promotion. 

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Are you struggling to keep track of your children's clothes?

We understand the challenge of maintaining order and preventing them from getting lost. The same goes for school supplies like books, notebooks, and folders. How many times have your children misplaced a book because they either swapped it with a classmate or forgot it at school?

Never worry about losing them again

Say goodbye to these problems forever with KiddieStamp - a personalized name stamp that makes it effortless to identify your family members' clothes after washing them. It also helps prevent your child from losing their school supplies.

  • Enjoy time savings

    As you can stamp your name in less than a second. Simply place the stamp, press, and you're done!

  • No more wasting money

    On markers that may fade or not work for stamping clothes. KiddieStamp is designed specifically for this purpose.

  • Concerned about washing your stamped clothes?

    The ink is washable and can endure up to 50 washes without fading.

  • We're conscious of the environment too

    You can refill the ink at any time, contributing to environmental protection and saving money simultaneously.

Our stamp's ink is waterproof

Ensuring it won't fade even after multiple washes. Say goodbye to markers that stain garments!

Our goal is to provide a product that simplifies recognizing clothes and everyday items, offering a beautiful, high-quality design that both children and parents will love.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the ink fade after washing?

No, our unique stamp is designed with waterproof ink that lasts up to 50 washes without fading. Although the ink holds right away, we recommend waiting 48 hours before washing the garment after stamping.

Can I use the stamp on thin clothes?

Absolutely! You can use our stamp on thin clothes too. We recommend using the free 20-inch white tape included with every order to prevent the ink from bleeding through. Simply cut the tape to the desired length, stamp the name, wait for it to dry (using a hair dryer can speed up the process), and iron it onto the clothes.

Can I stamp black clothes?

Yes, our stamp works on black clothes too! Each order includes a free 20-inch (50cm) white tape that can be used to stamp on black garments. Cut the tape to the desired length, stamp the name, wait for it to dry (using a hair dryer can speed up the process), and iron it onto the clothes.

How many letters can I use for stamping?

You can insert up to 15 letters, but we recommend using fewer letters for a better visual appearance. Our stamp supports all special characters, languages, symbols, and numbers.

What if I run out of ink?

Don't worry! We sell refill ink specifically to address this concern. After adding your name stamp to the cart, you'll have the option to add a refill to your order.

Is the ink safe?

Absolutely! We use natural ink that has been dermatologically tested and complies with international guidelines. It is safe to be in contact with the skin.